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Product Mimi Moto

Mimi-Moto is an accessible system specially designed to burn locally produced pellets in a clean and efficient way. The correct use of Mimi Moto does not generate smoke and is in line with the WHO air quality requirements.  

The system is autonomous given it counts with a solar panel which allows for its internal battery charging as well as other devices such as phones.  It allows to cook and generate savings regarding alternatives like gas.

With 300g of pellets allow a cooking time of 45 minutes approx. They light rapidly and don’t generate smoke.

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Mimi Moto Impact


100,000 equipment would allow to save using a affordable and sustainable fuel.


Reduce emissions by 30,000 tons per year.


Provide 4,500,000 households with an affordable and cleaner energy alternative.


Creating local work. Inclusive social economy in distribution and sales.

Benefits of the Mimi Moto + Pellet System

  • Cleancooking for all.
  • Moreaffordablethan gas.
  • Ease of use.
  • Are is morepurethanwhenusingfirewood or carbon. 
  • Freestime for higherproductivity
  • Contributes to addressingclimatechangeissuesdue to lower emissions of CO2 thanother alternatives like gas.
  • Cook for up to 6 people.
  • Pellet availability.
  • Encourage a circular and social economy.